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We track down auto financing in Shirley and across Arkansas for folks from every walk of life, from novice drivers to military personnel to business executives. First of all, you’ll want to apply online. This requires three minutes. We provide some of the top approval rates in the whole state of Arkansas.

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Bad Credit Auto Loans in Shirley, AR

Car Loan Shirley AR

Have you been searching for a car loan with bad credit in Shirley, AR? Don’t fret. According to our estimations, 1,462 of Shirley’s 4,873 natives have less-than-perfect credit.

Banking companies and credit unions seldom provide car loans for people with poor credit in Shirley, in Arkansas, or nationwide. Dealerships, as well as many car loan providers, on the other hand, are more interested in getting you driving.

And if you make your payments in a timely manner, a bad credit auto loan is a good way to improve your credit.

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Car Loans Shirley AR
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Our car dealers try and keep borrowers from blowing past an acceptable limit when getting a car financed in Shirley, since it worsens your potential for missing payments.

Car loans can make cars feel lower priced, since they separate the price over a time of 24-72 months. As you can imagine, this can lead to overspending. Approximately 10% of a person’s monthly income should be dedicated to their finance package.

Shirley, AR residents earn approximately $29,839 every year. Listed below is a quick assessment of how much the typical Shirley consumer ought to be spending:

Earnings A Year

Wages Per Month


Vehicle Amount

  • $29,839

  • $2,487

  • $249

  • $10,445

No money down cars are often available, but putting money down will maximize the likelihood of getting approved. Ordinarily, down payments are 10 to 20%. For a $10,445 car, this is $1,045 to $2,089.

Used Car Deals in Shirley, AR

Are you presently interested in a pre-owned vehicle? In addition to aiding you with financing, we will guide you to your used car in Shirley, AR.

This is a a simple guide to purchasing a used car or truck in Shirley:

  1. Investigate the make/model.
  2. Find a vehicle in your area.
  3. Call the dealership to look at the vehicle.
  4. Make certain there is no rust.
  5. Ensure the tires don’t need replacing.
  6. Inspect powerplant for leaking.
  7. Check the brakes and steering.
  8. Check the car’s history report and maintenance receipts.
  9. If you’ve got questions, ask an auto technician to examine the vehicle.

To browse used cars within driving distance, simply click here: cheap used cars in AR.

In House Financing Auto Loans Shirley, AR

In House Financing Car Loan in Shirley Arkansas
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More and more customers are resorting to in house financing dealers in Shirley, commonly known as buy here pay here financing. This sort of borrowing arrangement is becoming more and more popular, due to the fact that they work with unfavorable credit ratings.

Our dealerships can find you an auto loan in Shirley, AR without getting yourself upside down.

Shirley Auto Lenders and Dealerships

  • Towery Motors Inc, Highway 16 East 72153