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At Auto Loan Arkansas, we place applications for car loans in Flippin with our loan providers and car dealers, each of which offer professional car loan options. We will find you the car finance package you want. It’s a simple and easy process:

  • Send in your AR auto loan application.
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Buying a Car with Bad Credit in Flippin (AR)

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Flippin AR
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Having a good credit rating may be fabulous. Unfortunately, not many of us have credit ratings of greater than 750.

At Auto Loan Arkansas, credit troubles are not a headache.

And keep in mind, this is is a simple yet effective way to repair your credit.

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Next let’s review your finances.

Residents of Flippin make roughly $27,938 per annum, or $2,328 a month. You should commit roughly 10% of your monthly income for your auto loan. So Flippin used auto loan payments should be about $233.

Cars with no money down are great, but down payments are always really helpful. The majority of car dealers require down payments of about 10 to 20%. For a car that costs $9,778, this is $978 to $1,956.

Car Loan Rates in Flippin, AR

Car Loans AR
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Your annual percentage rate is extremely important when it comes to shopping for a car or truck in Flippin.

Do you have a parent or sibling who’s willing to co-sign your loan? If that’s the case, this could bring down your interest rates in a big way, if they have good credit. Don’t forget that a co-signer will be legally obligated to pay off your loan in case the original purchaser can’t.

Auto loans in Flippin that take 72-plus months to repay can be alluring, because they reduce how much you pay per month. However, they are not a good choice.

If you opt for a long-term auto loan while having poor credit, you may find yourself with negative equity.

Auto Loans Flippin AR

Just because you’ve got bad credit report does not mean the only option is a no credit check auto loan.

The auto dealers with whom we partner necessitate credit assessments. However, they help people with bad credit in Flippin, AR. If you’re looking to strengthen your fico score, make sure you finance a vehicle through Auto Loan Arkansas. No credit check cars probably won’t improve your credit rating.

Dealers and Auto Loan Companies in Flippin (AR)

  • 178 Auto Sales, Po Box 633 72634
  • Auto Express, 803 Hillcrest 72634
  • Performance Automotive, 1201 East Main Street 72634